Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's here! The Boeing 733 print project

My new prints in Boeing House prototype scheme and American Airlines current colors have been posted below. Email me for availability!

Please note:
After a few enthusiast requesting schemes, (the Northwest and American Airlines 733 schemes); custom artwork for prints now require full payment in advance. Due to the high volume of requests for prints and no follow through when artwork is completed for sale.
Sorry, no exceptions.

Below: The Boeing 733-197. This was the smallest of Boeings' SST concepts.

This wind tunnel model is a hybrid between the 733-790 and the 727's T-tail,(minus the number-2 intake duct). Beautiful concept!
Below: The 733-790. To me this looks very close to the B1-B Bomber.
Another impression of the 733-790.

My new print of the Boeing 733-790 SST.
Available for sale. Please email for details.
Coming soon - American Airlines~

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Boeing 733 Models

Upadate: 11/7/2009:
There are very few models of the 733 available. Below is one made for Pacific Miniatures. (Pacmin), of the early 733-190. Pics are courtesy of Ebay seller: flyjunkie

Thanks for the pics!

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